Monday, 15 November 2010

have a dreamy monday!

Hello & Happy Monday!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!
Mine was very sweet & all about family,
as my 'little' brother and his girlfriend are here for a four day visit...
I can't believe all the fun we had!
We've been touring the region, eating lots of typical dishes and sweets,
visiting the famous Iceman (Ötzi) Museum,
and even stormed a medieval castle, which has been rather hilarious!
Especially the boys had a great time at the castle, 
trying on helmets and pieces of armour and acting all knightly,
while we girls had a lot of fun taking goofy pictures of them...
And so I still feel quite far removed from 'monday reality'...,
which is why I've decided to compose an 'extra dreamy' collection
of inspirational pictures to start this new week!
Just to allow us all one extra day of easy sunday dreaming!
So tell me... What are you dreaming of these days?


Betty said...

snow and wearing my wellies on crunchy frosted grass.

Anonymous said...

ik droom al van een witte kerst, maar dat is niet origineel denk ik.
blij, dat jullie er een gezellig week-end van gemaakt hebben.

Polina said...

very sweet!
the collection of photos is gorgeous!
you have an eye for it :)

Sarah B. said...

Lovely finds! Glad you had such a fun weekend! I did too, so it's hard to face Monday :)

Alice said...

aw thanks for adding me to this collage! :D

great collection!

Meeling said...

Sounds like a fantastic weekend!
Monday's are better when dreamy...I'm with you on that one!

Hopping over from the etsy forums!

ellymackay said...

Hi, Thanks for including my little boats. This is so lovely!

JooJoo said...

WOW!! This is so beautiful! Thanks a lot :)

emmakisstina said...

That's so pretty! All those photos are gorgeous. Gonna add them to favorites. xoxo