Wednesday, 10 November 2010

pilli pilli *hearts* ... whimsy whimsical !

Thank you all very much for your sweet words about my happy post yesterday!
It's wondeful to know there's so many of you who come here to read my stories,
and who support me, through sad & happy times!
And so, here I am again today, 
with the post that was supposed to be yesterday's,
to take you on a little trip to the East side of the Whimsy Whimsical Forest
(with plenty of sunshine and wild berries)
where we shall meet Mr. Fox, the manager of Whimsy Whimsical Paper Goods.
Since June 2010, Mr. Fox works with Yee Von, 
a very friendly freelance illustrator from Malaysia
who dreams up the most whimsical of creatures!
 Aren't they dreamy & utterly adorable?!
And here's a glimpse at what Yee Von is making for the holidays...
Oh dear! I love them all!
And F. and I are seriously considering to order one of those personalized squirrel prints!
What do you think?
& Which one would YOU choose?


dolalee said...

These prints are just too cute! Also thinking about a custom order.

yeevon said...

awww we have so much sweetness from you today *which included the new pretty snowy cloud you've made!*

Thank you so much for sharing all these~ <3

Mr Fox & Yee Von


what about surpraise dinner?

pilli pilli said...

Well, actually F. came home early, when I wasn't even cooking yet, so in the end we decided together to go out for a pizza! (F. didn't want me to cook on my happy day!)

Merylu said...

These illustrations are amazing!
I definetly choose the last one :)

Giulia said...

These prints are sooooo wonderful? Can I choose all of them?!
I'm very happy for the green card you have received, from the next comment on I'll officially write you in Italian (which is better for me!!!).

Algodão said...

hi there!

i'm in love with the foxes!
Oh My, they are really magical!
thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

Zoals steeds zijn ze allemaal prachtig en is het moeilijk om te kiezen.De kerstkaarten zijn wel wonderbaarlijk!!!!
Ik hoop dat je pizza heeft deugd gedaan.
Geniet van het bezoek uit Belgie en dikke knuffels.mam

SkribblyKids said...

These are all so great!

Victoria Bennett Beyer said...

These really couldn't be any cuter!

Elena said...

just adorable!