Friday, 22 April 2011

Happy Easter!

I woke up this morning 
with the worst case of Easter Craft Fever ever!
(Shall I tell you it was only 5.30 when that happened? ... Mmmm. No. Better not.)
But with thoughts of happy eggs and such racing through my head,
sleeping was no longer an option, 
and so I skipped out of bed and got straight to work!
Thus it happened that when the sun came up 
I was sitting at the kitchen table,
sipping my third cup of coffee,
facing a dressed up egg with facial hair...
And since I had so much fun making this little egg man,
I decided to write a Tutorial,
to let you all share in the Easter FUN!!
So this is what you need:
hard boiled eggs,
egg cups,
pieces of pretty paper
(masking) tape 
paint or markers
 And this is what you do
Cut the different shapes out of pieces of happy coloured paper
(a half circle and a dot for the party hat, the collar and the bow tie for the cup)
Roll the half circle up to create a cone, and glue.
(Alternatively you can use a piece of (masking) tape to do this...)
Then glue the happy dot to the tip of the party hat,
for that extra fancy touch!
Using a piece of tape, attach the collar to the cup.
I used masking tape to do this,
allowing the pattern of the tape to become part of the costume...
Decorate the bow tie.
(Once again you could use some of that pretty tape...)
 And when the Bow is Beautiful as can be,
stick it onto the collar with a tiny drop of glue!
Et voilà... All done!


Vixie said...

Such a cutie! Thanks for the tutorial :)

lillalotta said...

Wonderful!! Let the fever get a hold! And have a most wonderful Easter Weekend!

Megan Darling said...

Oh my gosh, that is so very cute!

Merylu said...

When the craft fever calls, we must run! Even at 5.30 a.m. ;)
This is the cutest Easter egg ever... I ADORE him! And thank you for the tutorial!
Have a great Easter and amazing chocolate holidays :)

Squiggling About said...

Wonderful so clever

Giulia said...

Thank you for this sooo nice tutorial !!!
Happy Easter to you!

•*¨*•¸¸.♥ Sweet Tresa ♥¸¸.•*¨*• said...

i love this .. Happy Sweet Easter to you <3

april said...

super cute

childcare said...

I love this egg project. Can I do this project with a three year old.

Mandy said...

I love him! Happy Easter!

pilli pilli said...

Thank you all for your comments & sweet wishes!!!
I'm always so happy to read your feedback...

And yes Marcie, I do think you can do this with a three year old! In fact, I think this project is really fun to do with kids!
And I'm sure that if you use hard boiled eggs and markers instead of paint, your toddler will be able to make the eggs smile too!

The dressing up might be a bit more difficult. But you could pre-cut all the pieces, and ask the little one to decorate the hat and collar with some unique pencil drawn doodles or happy finger painted patterns!

It must be so fun to make a whole family of these...

& once again, HAPPY EASTER!!!

Lusi said...

precioso tutorial!
este año he descubierto un monton de cosas sobre como celebre la <Pascua en otros paises, así que el año que viene me organizaré con tiempo para poder hacer estas manualidades!

saludos isleños ;)


How creative! Such a shame I did´t see this before Easter - he is so cute, and I would love to make one :)

Iveth Morales said...

Aw this is the cutest thing!! I just pinned it!!

*Evelyn* said...

very cute !!!

pilli pilli said...

Thank you all so very much for your sweet Easter wishes & comments about Mr. Egg!
I'm very happy you liked this little project, and promise to do another tutorial SOON!!!


Uila said...

Ehhhh, non l'avevo ancora visto! Bellissimo, bellissimo, bellissimo!

Melissa Dunlap said...

Such an adorable craft! We've included your project in our roundup of stylish Easter egg decorating. Hope you can stop by and check it out:

Zilly said...

I really-really love this idea. The little moustache man. I want to make this for myself. Thanx for sharing. Wishing you a Happy Easter. Greetings with heart&soul from a Dutch Zilly.

Riley W said...

This is the most adorable thing ever! You are so crafty! Where did you get those cute egg cups???

Avery Madisson said...

Awww, this is such a brilliant idea! I like that cute eggs turned into something like that. So adorable. Here's expressing my warmest happy easter wishes to you and to all!

eilval said...

This is an excellent idea and so cute . Thanks for sharing . said...

Ha! This is great! We wanted to share this little guy on our blog too (with a link to your site, of course!). Thanks for the fun inspiration! Keep it coming -

Liz and Lo


Nia Alexieva said...

I was wondering how big does the circle have to be, since we were trying, but the hat was always to big or too small :( otherwise, this is an amazing tutorial and I love the idea!

pilli pilli said...

It's hard to say precisely how big the circle needs to be, because the size of the hat depends on the size of the egg. But what I always do is, I initially make the hat a little bit bigger than necessary. That way, once the hat is assembled, you can cut away paper at the rim until it fits perfectly.

I hope that helps!