Monday, 28 November 2011

welcoming the cold...

For this week's inspiration mosaic I chose a set of pictures 
that somehow reminded me of the newly arrived cold...

You see, the thing is...  I quite like the cold. 
  I mean: I like it when it's cold outside
Don't get me wrong... I actually hate being cold,
but I really adore this part of the season 
when the fall rains come to an end and the weather is absolutely gorgeous;
the sun shining bright, the sky clear and blue...
and then the first real cold sets in!
Oh, I just love the way the cold air makes you blush 
and leaves you feeling sparkling and energized after having been out in the world,
wrapped up tightly in a wool jacket and a hand-knit scarf.

PLUS, isn't it absolutely wonderful how the dark cold outside 

makes the world inside seem even more cosy?!
Too bad we don't have a fireplace to come home to anymore...
I really miss that.

And how about you?
Do you mind the cold?


photo credits:
1. H2O, 2. Untitled, 3. Snow [sigh]... Again..., 4. wind‐bell
5. by daria stankiewicz, 6. Untitled, 7. _MG_9645 Snowy Owl, 8. 1/365, 9. Thin Air

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Anonymous said...

I do mind the cold this year because I can't aford heating! For the first time ever the central heating has had to be switched off. It's getting cold now but thankfully it's mild for the time of year. Not sure how I'll cope when the real cold comes. Usually I feel quite like you though and there is nothing like a real fire is there?

Amie McCracken said...

I love the cold. If only we could have long sunlight hours and cold, snowy weather I would be in heaven.

We Blog Artists said...

IF I am you..I don't mind the cold...
I love another excuse for a Tea...or lentil pumpkin's all great.
LOVE the owl and the smock...your mosaics are wonderful.
Happy Monday.

Artist said...

I love the cold. Nothing like hot tea,soup,oatmeal and wearing sweaters.

Traveling Mama said...

This is beautiful! I prefer to stay inside when it's cold!

Cinciarella said...

Complimenti per il tuo bellissimo blog e per i tuoi meravigliosi lavori.

Anonymous said...

I have your same romantic adoration for winter. And your pictures were lovely. I do believe I can remember a life where I got to sit for hours by a roaring fireplace.
Thank you for such a lovely blog,