Friday, 23 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Time for some last minute holiday inspiration 
before F. and I travel to Switzerland,
where we shall be spending Christmas with my parents.

Meeting in Switzerland for the holidays is an old family custom 
that dates back to long before I was even born.
But since walking about in a winter wonderland dotted with cute little chalets,
and gathering around steaming pans of cheese fondue
has never failed to provide that extra bit of holiday cheer,
I guess you can imagine we're more than happy
to honour this particular tradition!

So... off we go. But not for long and I promise I'll write soon!
And what about you?
What are your plans for these next few days?
And does your family have some special tradition for the holidays?


photo credits: 1. Feather 1, 2. *, 3. kamomé (mouette), 4. Untitled, 5. red velvet mini-cupcakes


The Little Forest, handmade said...

Wat heb je dat weer prachtig bij elkaar gezocht. Zo mooi, kan er uren naar kijken.

cocon said...

Thank you so much for kamomé!
: ) we party just simply, the Christmas is my birthday too!

pilli pilli said...

Vrolijk Kerstfeest,
The little Forest!!

& Cocon... You're welcome!
I'm glad you like it!
So... Merry Christmas & Happy Birthday!!

colours-and-friends said...

The pictures are so lovely

Merry Christmas to you

la.daridari said...

Merry Christmas and thank you for visiting my flickr!

paola said...

Buona vacanza e buon Natale! Il mio sarà un Natale casalingo..e mi piace così ;)

We Blog Artists said...

Hello K, hoping you are having a wonderful time with your family in Switzerland , hugs and God Jul!

МаринаОсень said...

this set of pictures is amazing. so light!
merry and white Christmas to you!

Creatissimo said...

Happy Holidays! The selection of images is gorgeous (as always)!

pilli pilli said...

Thank you, my dears!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!!

{Lots of Love} & I promise I'll be back soon!

Audrey Fretz said...

Cute. :) Thanks for adding Mr. Polar Bear.

pilli pilli said...

We were glad to have him!!
Such a festive little fella...