Sunday, 29 January 2012

a little (technical) peep

 These last few days, I have receive word that some of you 
might have been experiencing difficulties to leave comments on my blog.
 I have contacted Blogger for help and made some technical changes,
 and so I'm keeping my fingers (as well as a few toes) crossed that all is well now,
because I always look forward to reading your little peeps!

Lots of Love
A wonderful sunday to you all!


Laura said...


pilli pilli said...

Thank you very much Laura!
It worked!

Giacomo said...

another test!! =) if you want on my blog there are a little Blog Candy, and i want to invite you! =)

pinkgreen said...

I don't think it was personal - I've had problems leaving comments on several blogs. Glad it is resolved now! XX

Maria said...

Hola Pilli, how are you, F., and the boys feeling? Hope u have a lovely Sunday. Although its supposed to be winter, here in San Francisco it is bright, sunny and warm. Take care of yourselves. Ciao, Maria

RosaMaría said...

lovely little robin...

happy sunday for you too!

ave studio said...

I´m happy about finding your blog! best wishes !

Veri said...

Nice photo :-)

The Little Forest said...

Er waren problemen bij blogger met de spamfilter. Als je google chrome gebruikte, was er niets aan de hand. Maar de problemen zijn weer opgelost geloof ik.

Rosangela said...

Que lindo seu blog, já estou lhe seguindo.
Venha me conhecer e me seguir também.
Obrigada. Beijo.