Monday, 13 February 2012

the pompon playground & more

I usually don't suffer from the monday morning blues, but for some foggy reason, 
today I'm having a hard time getting back into the swing of things.

Maybe it's because I had such a lazy-daisy weekend...
I'm almost 24 weeks pregnant now, and with two babies on board I'm starting to get quite big, 
(think: about 8 months along in a singleton pregnancy),
so the truth is I'm not in for much outdoor adventure at the moment.
On top of that, it's still very (and I mean ridiculously) cold outside,
with a mean wind blowing in from the north, 
which is why F. and I ended up spending most of our weekend indoors.

We dìd go out for an early Valentine's lunch on Saturday
(thinking I would probably be too tired to do dinner on tuesday evening...),
but other than that, we pretty much stayed in and kept ourselves busy reading, 
listening to music, watching documentaries and making pompons. 

(Well... to be honest... the pompon-part; that was just me.)

And how about you?
Did you have a lovely weekend?
And did you celebrate an early Valentine?


Caty said...

great pictures! and the crown!!!! (is this a crown?

here is also unusually cold...

and yes, I had a cosy weekend: sunny and cold, going outside but just a little while and then watching old films and drinking tea! :)

pilli pilli said...

Hello Caty!

The 'crown' is actually a little metal coaster dish I picked up in a sale a couple of years ago... but I use it for many other things as well!
As you can see I even use it as a temporary miniature bin while I'm working.
It's sweet isn't it?

[Love], k.

ishtar olivera said...

Oh well sounded like my tipe of weekend!! we love to watch documentaries too, eat some popcorn and while the kids played with the legos I knitted a few rows : )
Katrien! I would love to see a photo of you now that you are 24 weeks pregnant! you must look so lovely!*hearts*

Squiggling About said...

I am 29 weeks now do I can sympathise with your lack of lust from life. It's hard when you are used to doing alot more but you can't because you get tired more quickly. I can't imagine twins it's hard enough moving with just one taking up residence. Good luck your lazy days sound lovely.

Elyk said...

Yes, we have also started celebrating Valentine's Day early! And we are also very cold ... Take care of yourself, get plenty of rest! With love Elik. : 0)

Amanda said...

I just said to hubby I feel out of sorts today and put it down to a really nice weekend....then soggy monday morning. Hope everyones mojo comes back soon.

Lizzet said...

A busy and productive weekend for us, mainly indoors but for the opposite reasons, it has been a bit too hot to be outside so I have been sewing with friends and redecorating the house ;)