Friday, 20 April 2012

time to wish you all a happy weekend!

I only just realized it's friday evening already,
which means another week has gone by. 
A whole week without posting that is.
I guess in my head it's just all about getting ready for our babies right now...

Anyway, we're all doing well,
and unless something unexpected happens 
we now have got only 16 days to go
and then they'll be here.

time flies.


C o w R o a d said...

Geweldige foto! :-)
Bonne Chance with those last two weeks: you can do it!

Nicky said...

Hope it all runs smoothly!

saraeden said...

Oh my how exciting, i remember the last few weeks and days before my twin boys were born!

Michaelanne said...

I am so excited for YOU:) This is such a beautiful time in your life. Just want you to know that I LOVE your photos on flickr..every one, a piece of art! Take care:) Sending you wishes for a smooth, and easy birth for you and your babes...XXOO

pilli pilli said...

Thank you all for your kind messages!
This is a very exciting time for us,
and F. and I really appreciate all your sweet wishes
and kind words of encouragement!

+ I promise I'll try to post a little bit more often in these last two weeks before D-day!

[Love], k.

Anonymous said...

mooie foto, en de babies zien er ook uit alsof ze zich netjes gedragen. Geniet van deze laatste weken enzeg hun nog eventjes geduld te hebben. Oma en opa

janzi said...

How ezxciting it all is this waiting to meet the little o nes.. I do hope you have an easy time getting them into this world and that you heal quickly... you are so talented and clever, it will be such a journey to see who has inherited your many skils!! all the best, hugs from UK, J

Rosa said...

Sei "Bellissima Pilli"!!!
xo Rosy!

ThirdMargaret said...

Thinking of you and your precious babies!! And sending wishes for a joyful, peaceful delivery!

Linda said...

Just found your blog again after so long... good luck with your babies! Take care xx

Daniela said...

Wishing you all the best for you and your little ones!

janzi said...

Gosh we are all waiting your news and we are impatient, but I bet the wait feels longer for you! Good luck with the birthing and hope that the stitches heal up soon after./I always wanted twins, but even tho they told me my number 5 was perhaps a twin, he wasnt, and weighed in at over 10 lbs, so my wish never came true.. hugs from across the channel!! J

Anonymous said...

Hey Katrien,
Ik wens je heel erg veel succes met je bevalling, en laat iets van je horen als de twee spruiten er zijn!!

Ik was vandaag echt in een melancholische bui, aan het terug denken aan die fijne tijd in Gent. Ik ben blij dat jij me niet vergeten was in ieder geval.
Misschien moeten we nog eens afspreken? Als je even komt piepen in Belgie of anders moet ik maar even langs komen tot bij jou in Italie? Take care!!!

Katyha said...

Hope you have been well...haven't heard from you in a while. Wishing you all the best for a safe delivery of your beautiful boys

janzi said...

WEll????? how are you doing, have they arrived safe and sound, are you wornout by the long nights... do tell... just hope you are good and happy and all is well...

pilli pilli said...

My baby boys were born on May 7, and we are all doing really well!

I'm still in the hospital with them, since they had to stay in the NICU for a while to grow and put on weight (no treatments needed though...), but I will surely post an update as soon as we come home!

Best wishes,

janzi said...

I am sooo delighted that they arrived safe and sound and you are all well!!!!..dont rush to catch up on the blogging just get your head around your new routines.. it will be very hard work initially, but fun as they grow.. Although I do not know you I really am so happy for you all.. Congratulations to the whole family.. hugs from the Uk Janzi

We Blog Artists said...

Congratulations Katrien!
I hope you are resting so that you have lots of energy when they come home.
All the best,I have been thinking of you guys lots.
Please remember if you have a chance to email me with details and an animal...thank you!!!
Hugs and tanti baci per I piccolini.

ToucanSpace said...

Beautiful blog! Go go mama! :)Love motherhood... (