Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Caution! Extremely contagious post!

because you can never smile too much
because a smile is the cheapest gift you'll ever find
and because smiling is extremely contagious

here's a few random things that made me smile this week:

(I hope you caught some of my giggles by now!)


Anonymous said...

Love these funny pics :-)! Especially the one with the dog, ahah!
Nice blog you've got here. I'm going to browse more of it right now!
(Are you from the French speaking part of Belgium, 'cause I'm Swiss, from the French speaking part of Switzerland :-), but I did'nt know if I could write to you in French...?)
Nice evening to you.


pilli pilli said...

Hello M.!
Yes, that dog picture is my personal favourite too!
Gets me giggling every time I look at it...
Anyway, I'm originally from the Flemish part of Belgium, but I grew up in Brussels, so I'm fluent in French too.
So go ahead and comment in French if you like!

Best wishes,

Romanemone said...